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To the Catholic Community from the Catholic Education Service

Last year the Government promised to lift the 50% cap on faith admissions for new religious schools. This policy had proved to be an effective ban on any new Catholic schools as our Bishops ruled that opening a Catholic school that tuned away Catholics for being Catholic was against Canon Law. The 50% cap was a policy that specifically targeted Catholics as Catholic schools are popular with parents of all faiths and none. Last September the Government acknowledged the cap was unfair to the Catholic community and pledged to scrap it. The Conservatives even included a commitment to remove it in their manifesto.

Unfortunately, the feedback we are getting is that the Secretary of State for Education is thinking about U-turning on this and breaking the Government’s promise to Catholics. The Catholic community now needs to make its collective voice heard and tell the Secretary of State that this level of discrimination against Catholic schools, parents and children will not be tolerated. As such we are urging Catholics to write to the Secretary of State and their MP expressing their concern that this promise to our community could be broken. These letters can be easily sent by following this link, inserting your details and clicking ‘send’.


The Sign We Give

In Father Michael's homily on 30th October, 2016, he reminded us of this document, published by the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales in 1995. The following words are taken from the Foreword.

The full text of the document can be found here

"We are convinced that the manner and style of relationships in the Church are part of the sign it gives and, for this reason, we must develop patterns of collaborative ministry as a key feature of Church life to come."

The report addresses the urgent need that we have to establish patterns of working and collaborating in the Church - patterns which respect and cherish the essential dignity and consequent responsibility for the life and mission of the Church which belongs to every baptised Christian.

We are not attempting to say the last word about Collaborative Ministry because that word will differ from community to community, and, in the end, such a word can only he written by those who participate in the process

This is an attempt to encourage the Church at every level "to think more deeply and more imaginatively about the theology and practice of collaborative ministry."

… it contains the seeds of a revolution in the way in which we live and work in the Church today. The revolution is not simply one which will affect radically our internal structures: it is a revolutionary insight into the way in which we exercise our mission, which is to proclaim the Good News in today's world.

Read the latest NW Justice & Peace Bulletin here and the Care for Creation Calendar here

The September issue contains resources to help celebrate Creation Time (1 Sept - 4 Oct) along with details of the comprehensive parallel programme to Adoremus, the Eucharistic Pilgrimage and Congress of the Bishops of England and Wales to be held in Liverpool 7-9 Sept. 

Other topics featured are Israel's new Nation-State Law, condemned by world renowned Jewish musician Daniel Barenboim as "a clear form of apartheid;" the text of the Hiroshima Peace Declaration on the 73rd anniversary of the atomic bomb; an address by Dr Ray Towey at the Blessed Franz Jaegerstaetter ecumenical service; the Catholic Church's new teaching on the death penalty; Pope Francis' message to a conference on theological ethics; a homily to commemorate the 101st anniversary of the birth of Oscar Romero, soon to be canonised; the 80th anniversary of the Kindertransport; ethical farmed animal welfare; a letter from a young carer; an extract from a 2017 interview with Kofi Annan who died recently plus a packed diary of events across the NW region.



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